GRACE Project Teacher Profile: Leonidah Keburo

Look for Tuesday posts highlighting the wonderful people who do the hard work of educating GRACE Project Academic Center students. GRACE teachers help our students to achieve – often beyond students’ own expectations. Learn more about the GRACE Academic Center and please consider making a donation to help support our work.

Leonidah Keburo

Loves to nurture students to become responsible adults

Grace Project Teacher Leonidah Keburo
Leonidah Keburo

What do you love most about teaching?
I have worked at the school for two years now. I love the teaching profession because it gives me an opportunity to nurture young children and shape them to be responsible and successful adults in future.

What is the biggest challenge to educating the students?
Though educating children has many challenges, the major one is poverty. Poverty makes students lack concentration in class, thus making it hard for me to help them.

What resources do you wish to have for your students?
I wish the pupils could be introduced to many co-curricular activities so that they could explore their talents.

What inspires/motivates you?
This profession inspires me because it enables me to interact with people from different places and also to earn a living through honest means.

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