Kenya’s Butterflies

Kenya is often associated with its largest, most impressive wildlife… huge elephants, graceful giraffes, fierce lions, massive rhinoceroses. About 100,000 people travel to Kenya each year to go on safari in order to experience Kenya’s majestic animals in their natural habitats.

If they look closer, they might catch a glimpse of much smaller – but no less majestic – Kenyan treasures.

Kenya is home to almost 600 different species of butterflies, 34 of which are endemic.

Kakemega National Forest, located in western Kenya, is about 100 miles from The GRACE Project. It is home to many of these butterfly species including the African Caper.  African Caper Whites can be seen migrating en masse across Kenya during certain times of the year.

African Caper Butterfly
African Caper Butterfly (Belenois aurota)
Gold-banded-forester Butterfly
Gold-banded-forester Butterfly (Euphaedra neophron)
Common Orange Sprite
Common Orange Sprite (Celaenorrhinus galenus)
Lilac Tip Butterfly
Lilac Tip Butterfly
Acraea Butterfly
Acraea Butterfly

You can find some additonal information about Kenya’s butterflies at


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